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Welcome to the official website of TIMBO & CO.

Managing Director: Timothy

Marketing Director: Timothy

General Manager: Timothy

Salesman: Timothy

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Mortgage and insurance on Digestive Biscuits





New games added in the Games Zone (1st December 2005)

My Favorite Things To Do
I love The Beano, and I like drawing cartoons - I make an 8-page comic every week!. I'll post some more of my pictures on this website soon. I also like watching history programmes on TV, plus things like Watchdog, Cash in the Attic and Blue Peter (I've got a Blue Peter Badge!). Bamzooki is cool - I love making them using the software downloaded for free from the CBBC website. I like listening to funny radio programmes like 'I'm sorry I'll read that again' and anything with John Cleese, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie in it (and, yes, I love The Goodies too!). I also love watching The Brittas Empire.

A Bit About Timbo & Co...
Timbo & Co provides a range of services...
- Mortgage and Insurance on Digestive Biscuits;
- Our shop (upstairs, first on the left), stocks a wide range of stamps, chocolates, drinks etc, and is staffed by friendly personnel.
- We provide a wide range of advice on all matters from drawing cartoons, building robots, undertaking brain surgery, beating Lord Voldemort and much, much more.

Super Tim

On the right is a picture of Super Tim, my favourite cartoon character, along with Mr Blob.

The animation below, done by someone my daddy knows (called MushyBees I think, from B3ta), shows the blobs out in the village...

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