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Here's our float we built for the village carnival this year...
The theme was 'Movies' - we decided to do 'TITANIC'. These pictures show how the main ship was built - I'll add some more when the nameplate and portholes have been done and when we are in our costumes!

The carnival procession was on 11 June 2005.

The base was the Jeep I won many years ago from Heinz...

The frame is made up from wooden poles,
...plus the railings and connectors are plastic radiator pipes, kindly given to us by our friend Peter who makes them!

It got too big for the garage (and Dad had to build the lifeboat in there)
The decking is corrugated plastic, the cabin is polystyrene and plastic, the funnels are gold card from our local council resource centre.

The card hull was painted black.
...and windows stuck on, using images of real people from the titanic. (before they drowned)

The almost finished thing!
We just have to add the port holes and the signage... Can you see OJ peering out of his steering position?

The smoke is from a smoke pellet that you light and which lasts for about 1.5 minutes. We've got 40 of them for the procession and they are lit and dropped in an insulated tin can.

Note the fact that, on the real Titanic only the first 3 funnels were real, the 4th was a fake for effect. On ours, the first three are the fake ones.

OJ took it for a test drive down the lane.

Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio were played by Barbie and Action Man!

The three parts of the float - I controlled the iceberg, which zipped around by remote control in front of the ship!

Mum pushed J&D in the lifeboat (they fell asleep halfway round the village - dad told people it was hypothermia!)

The judging is about to start - the smoke worked a treat!

Cast assembled!
By the way - did I mention that WE WON FIRST PRIZE!!!!!!!!